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Protecting Each Individual's Rights With Paternity

Establishing paternity has never been easier because of advances in science. It can be as simple as a tissue swab to collect DNA from saliva.

Why is it important to establish paternity? The Law Office of Martha J. Olson & Associates in San Jose represents both mothers and fathers with paternity suits in courtrooms throughout Santa Clara County. Establishing paternity has benefits to both individuals.

Legal Guidance To Protect A Woman's Rights

Establishing the identity of a father legally is important so that the mother can begin collecting back child support payments. When both parents have a positive and cooperative attitude in establishing fatherhood, or when the father can be easily located, this is a straightforward process. Our paternity attorneys can provide efficient and cost-effective results.

When the father is missing, lives in another state, or he is stationed abroad, this presents practical obstacles. However, we can help overcome these obstacles.

Experience You Need To Protect A Man's Rights

If you father a child outside of marriage, the situation can carry the responsibility of child support, but does not necessarily grant the father or grandparents any rights to a relationship with the child. In California, these are separate matters handled by different courts.

The Law Office of Martha J. Olson & Associates can help in establishing parental rights for you if:

  • You are the father of a child for whom you provide no support
  • You pay child support and wish to foster a relationship with the child

In other cases, a mother will mistakenly or even fraudulently name a man the father of her child. In these situations, we can determine the facts through a paternity test so that the man, who is not the father, is not liable for child support requirements.

Contact Our Firm To Establish The Facts And Assert Your Rights

For experienced paternity lawyers, our San Jose firm is here to help you protect your interests at every juncture.

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